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Welcome to Avari, born from ashes like a phoenix we shall rise.

We are an active guild on the Artemis server in Runes of Magic, a Free-to-Play MMORPG.

If you seek a friendly environment in which you can level your toon while enjoying strong support from our members, then this is the guild for you!

We are constantly recruiting new members, so just pm one of our guild leaders if you wish to join. keep in mind that we do have a few requirements:

1.  Be respectful. We are all people, and any serious racist, sexist, or blatantly disrespectful/offensive behavior will not be tolerated.
     Remember, once you are in Avari, you represent Avari. As such it would be a shame to see the good reputation we have forged be destroyed by a few bad apples.
2.  Be mature. We are tolerant of humor when it is all in good fun, but consistent childish behavior is inappropriate for this particular group of guildies. Constantly seeking attention or being "needy" is not desired either.
3.  Help each other out. We're all about growth, so we believe it is important to assist each other with quests and improvement.
     In general, it is disrespectful to ask payment for assistance, except when it pertains to using gold in-game for items/stones or helping to pay off debt.
4.  Please contribute to the guild so that we may upgrade our castle, add new members, and continue to grow! This is not mandated, but is encouraged; send in herbs, wood, ore (refined 1 time please), gold, and most importantly: Guild Runes.
5.  Get to know your guild officers and fellow guildies. Not only can it be helpful, but they are fun people, plain and simple!
6.  Our Guild Castle is a great place to be AFK, for you may gather wood, herbs, ore, and WORK OFF DEBT at the library. We just ask that you do not abuse the bank vault privilege along with the other privileges; we all share.
7.  If you so choose, you may use the in-game Voice Chat to speak live with other guildmates, although it is not a requirement. Info on how to set this up is available under "Voice Chat" in the Members Only section of the forums.
8.  Using Curse Client add-ons and macros is highly recommended, as they can greatly assist with gameplay, although once more, they are not required by Avari. If you wish to raid with us at endgame, you WILL need some of them to help maximize your character's potential, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there.
9.  Report spammers. They crowd the chat window and are a general annoyance. Report on sight and hopefully they will GTFO soon. Also BEWARE of gold/diamond scammers, and only buy from trusted sources. Ask in-game and we'll give you some trustworthy names. (If we discover that you have purposefully scammed someone, consider your gaming experience in RoM to be FINISHED. Find another game, because you will be blacklisted by everyone who is even remotely able to help you get gear or run instances. We have lots of contacts in many, many guilds, and this is a serious offense.)
10. We DO NOT power-level players. Some of us who have played for a long time may power-level our own low level toons. We will help you out, but don't expect us to do all the work all the time; you need to pull your own weight and get to the top like the rest of us did: through hard work, dedication, and assisting each other in great need.
11. We reserve the right to boot anyone at our discretion, but typically we do not boot players unless they have been absent for 60 days and have failed to notify a leader.
12. Generals have the final say. Period. Please respect our officers.
     Also, when the Queen makes a decision, there will be no further discussion or complaining in Guild Chat; she's acting in the interest of Avari and refuses to favor someone when the Guild as a whole does not benefit.
13. We probably left a few things out, but most importantly, HAVE FUN! That is the whole reason we have a guild!

For more information on GuildPortal, check Frequently Asked Questions, Videos. If you need help, GuildPortal is only a support ticket away!
Guild News

LAURENTHANA Please Re-Connect! =D

Ang_Avari, Feb 9, 11 9:13 PM.
Queen, if you're out there checking out this page, PLEASE shoot me an email!!!!! Need to talk for old times' sake and to see what your plans are for TOR!!! Send one to and one to this site's email so we can chat! Thanks!

Mana Problem Fixed!!!

Ang_Avari, Aug 13, 10 12:28 PM.
As you all know by now, Casters got screwed with Patch 3.0.3., with all mana-based skills requiring a % of mana in addition to the original amount of points for each cast. This made it difficult for Tanks to agro, Healers to heal, and Mages to use virtually all of their skills.
We finally have some good news: Frogster has taken servers down today to change the mana system back to the way it was! In a surprising move, which is a faster response than any Frogster has made in the past (to my knowledge) they acknowledged that they want to change things so there is no more "infinite mana," but they are listening to the community's response to this nerf, and they are working on correcting it. (We are assuming that the remainder of the patch changes will remain in effect)

To see Frogster's Official Statement:



Ang_Avari, Aug 3, 10 4:10 PM.
Anguirel and Kilek are currently running with the guild Isoleeted. We felt that we needed to partner with them in order to continue our growth in the game, and they simply have more endgame focus. In other words, we had hit a "glass ceiling." However, we both still remain deeply rooted in our commitment to help Avari members, we just won't be in guild chat anymore; as such, we urge you to send us a whisper or in-game mail if you need some help with something, for we still want to keep helping you all out.

Personally, although I am labeled as part of another guild, I will always be Avari at heart, for it is "Home" for both Kilek and myself. I wish to stay as connected as I ever was, and like I have emphasized, please contact me for any needed assistance in game, I will get to it as soon as possible!

Good Luck, and I'll be checking in from time to time!


Weekend News

Ang_Avari, Jul 30, 10 3:34 PM.
First off, grats to those who successfully completed a Cyclops Stronghold (aka Clops) run last night! There was only one wipe, which was on the 2nd Boss, Negotiator (imagine that). Those who participated were: Googlybear, Kurotaka, Anguirel, and Apeshiz. We had a bit of help from an endgame Scout named Roan, so if you see him please be friendly and thank him for his help; who knows, he may even be willing to give you a hand with whatever you're working on!

This weekend I imagine we'll try to put some more runs together, but that will all depend on who is available and what runs people need. There is a diamond sale (100% diamonds) this weekend, so take advantage of that as well, if you want to buy dia.

Cya in Taborea!

Upcoming Instances

Ang_Avari, Jul 29, 10 1:08 PM.
Several of us have been running instance raids with other guilds recently, and we've been successful for the most part. However, we do not wish to give the impression that we are neglecting our own guildies. Laurenthana needs a Clops run, so we'll attempt to organize one soon, and several of us still need a Kalin Shrine run as well. Anyone who is attuned and ready for it is welcome to join!
Remember, if you need an instance, give a shout in-game or post it under "Member Needs" here on the website.
We are recruiting for all classes/levels (preferably over 20)! Minimum age (preferably): 18 If you are interested let us know!
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